Saturday, Oct 29st: 7PM - 9PM


Ok folks - it's ON! It's been 8 years since our last FLASHDANCE, which was 2014's Halloween edition & it's way past time for another!

San Francisco could still use some jumpstarting! We need a bit of that magic back. Maybe we all could do more to bring some joy, some zany, some beautiful, some love back to this amazing place. What better way than a free, outdoor, dance party - with costumes?

Nothing :-)

Back in 2014(!!!), this is what it looked like:


WHERE: Mission Playground at 19th & Valencia - but follow @deepfunstuff on Twitter in case we have to move!

WHEN: Saturday, OCT. 29th from 7PM to 9PM

WHAT: Flashdances are FREE, open-air, everyone-is-welcome flashmob dance parties. I bring the sound system and the best "dance music for the people" I've got. You bring the bootie-shaking :-)


  1. BRING EVERYONE This is a fun-for-the-whole-family kinda thing! Everyone is welcome! (And the music will be clean-ish. I won't guarantee there won't be the random curse word, but I won't play anything egregious when there are kiddos around.)
  2. WEAR A COSTUME! Costumes are highly encouraged!
  3. BE POSITIVE AND NICE TO EVERYONE, including the people who aren't being positive, nice or in costume :-)
  4. LEAVE NO TRACE! Clean up any trash you see while you are there and especially when you leave!
  5. IT'S NOT ABOUT DRINKING: Sure, have a drink if you want! But make sure drinking isn't the focus of the night. Too many great SF events have had problems when "drunk" comes before "FUN" - we like FUN & hope you do to!
  6. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: Follow @deepfunstuff on Twitter in case we have to move and for other updates!


This page:

GIVE ME MUSIC SUGGESTIONS: Give me music suggestions! I'm looking for things that GET A LOT OF PEOPLE HAPPY AND DANCING! We are looking for music that a lot of folks will like! And also please note, I can't guarantee I'll play it.

SOCIAL MEDIA/YOUTUBE TAGS: If you take any pictures or video (PLEASE DO) and post them to IG/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube (you name it!) - please tag them with these two tags: FLASHDANCE and DEEPTROUBLE and please email me the link: deep AT deeptrouble DOT com

Random Plug:

My Voting Recommendations - a.k.a. The 'Deep Slate

'Deep Slate 11/2022/

This November's election is a BIG deal (as always) especially for No on I, Yes on J, and Yes on L! Please please vote! I go into details about all the candidates, and ballot measures for the federal, State & SF locals in more detail in my voting guide, so I hope you'll check it out!

I hope you VOTE by 11/8 if you haven't done so already!!!

Brought to you by the fine folks behind FlashDance!