Hola Campañeros!

My name is Amandeep Jawa, but I'm too lazy for 3 syllables, so people call me “'Deep”.  I’m the host of these little shenanigans.

All you really need to know is that I love to dance, I love music and most importantly I LOVE BRINGING PEOPLE ALONG for whatever I find fun.  Thus FlashDance.  It is both a way to give back to San Francisco for all of the fun, wacky times I’ve had here and create some more of those fun, wacky times.  It also turns out that FlashDance reflects various things social, political and environmental that I’m all about, but you should check the F.A.Q. for the scoop on that.

Still curious? Well, let’s see... I'm 40 (at this moment), straight, Indian by genetics, North Carolinian by history, and San Franciscan by choice.  I'm involved in a lot of things here in my adoptive home, like the SF Bicycle Coalition (on the Board) and the SF League of Conservation Voters (President), and I'm a software engineer on iTunes at Apple.

If you STILL want to know more about me (and honestly, who wouldn’t? :-) ), I recommend my blog, or my Facebook* page (actually, my "25 Things" note on Facebook might be the best summary of me I’ve ever written) or you can always send me an email.....

                          Keep on rockin’ in the free world,



* I should mention that I try to only “Facebook-friend” people I really know. No offense meant!

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